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Hong Kong CensusPro


  • Hong Kong CensusPro Hong Kong CensusPro 2001 is a powerful cost-effective business tool that gives you access to the valuable population statistics of Hong Kong.


  • Identifying demographic trends

  • Maximizing your potential customer base

  • Effectively planning and allocating resources

  • Improving your organizations objectives by integrating your own corporate data with census information

  • Identify business opportunities and improving your corporate profile and in many other ways

Whats the use :

  • It helps you to discover trends and patterns within the population geographically.

  • It allows you to analyze data according to your own business criteria.

  • You can also overlay your own data on top of the demographic data, and determine the relationships between your data and the distribution of the population.

Whats included:

  • Census data for Hong Kong includes

  • Over 400 Statistical Tables

  • Census Boundaries:

    • District Board Districts Constituency Areas

    • Tertiary Planning Units

    • Large Tertiary Planning Units

    • Small Tertiary Planning Units

    • Large Street Block Groups Small Street Block Groups

    • New Towns

    • Housing Estates

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